Marijuana Incinerators for Police Drug Disposal

police drug disposalFirelake Manufacturing has drug disposal incinerators to help the Law Enforcement, Legal Justice Centers, and DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to dispose of confiscated illicit drugs such as marijuana.

When illegal drugs are seized, a challenge that follows for the police officers is determining how to dispose of the drugs. Some police drug disposal procedures consist of bringing the marijuana or other narcotics to a state-approved facility to dispose of the narcotics. In some cases, this may be a law enforcement owned drug disposal incinerator. Other times the police drug disposal may be a local Municipal Solid Waste Facility.  When the proper law enforcement drug disposal is not available, often local police departments have to wait for the DEA to come around to provide destruction instruction.

When Law Enforcement has a marijuana incinerator on-site or available to their police department through shared resources, it makes the process of disposing of narcotics and medical prescription drugs quick and easy.   Large drug busts can result in massive amounts of narcotics being confiscated.

Benefits of Firelake’s Drug Disposal Incinerators

law enforcement drug disposal

  • Dispose of confiscated drugs quickly (reduced to black ash in a matter of minutes)
  • Eliminate the need to store the drugs (when they are not evidence)
  • Keeps drugs off the street with a timely and planned disposal plan
  • Normal operation of the drug disposal incinerator is quiet, odor-free, and smoke-free
  • Drug disposal incinerator is environmentally safe and compliant with the FDA, building, and NFPA codes

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