COVID-19 or other Medical Waste Destruction Needs?

A clear choice for your medical waste disposal needs!
On-site destruction with an incinerator in a cost-effective alternative to medical waste disposal.
Durable. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mobile units, laboratories, and other facilities looking for reliable medical waste disposal solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities now have an alternative. Medical waste incinerators designed and manufactured by Firelake Manufacturing can dispose of COVID-19, Ebola, or other medical waste on-site. Designed specifically for the incineration of clinical, lab and medical waste, Firelake Manufacturing offers several choices in medical waste incineration systems. It’s our goal to provide incinerators to help you meet and exceed industry regulations, lower your operating costs, and heighten efficiencies.

Our staff members find the Firelake medical waste incinerator very simple to operate.

Medical Waste Disposal Alternative – Incineration

medical waste incineration system

Firelake Manufacturing’s medical waste incinerators are available with load volumes from six cubic feet (0.17 cu meter) to 60 cubic feet (1.7 cu meter), fired by diesel, propane or natural gas.   As alternatives to medical waste disposal, Firelake’s medical waste incinerators feature several A, C, X, and P Series models designed to handle on-site incineration requirements from solids to liquids, a range in capacity and volume, automatic controls, and more. Look under the Products-Crematorium and Products-Incinerators tab for other models not listed below.

Most popular large Firelake models for medical incineration use are:

Model P25Model P60-M1Model P60-M2

When infectious disease, non-hazardous solid waste, and medical waste management is part of your daily operations, you need an affordable, on-site incineration solution that will demand fewer resources and less staff time. Firelake medical waste incinerators are designed to properly handle pathological waste, infectious waste, and a variety of other waste from healthcare facilities.

Simple and Reliable On-Site Destruction

Firelake incinerators offer hospitals and clinics reliability and peace of mind in the following features:

  • Complete Simplicity! You’re able to set the timer, and trust the incinerator to do its job while you focus on other tasks.
  • Select the incineration capacity to best meet your needs and budget; models range up to 1600 pounds.
  • Look forward to simple operation and user-friendly controls.
  • Reduce hundreds of pounds of medical waste to sterile ash in no time at all.
  • Run your incinerator on your fuel of choice; oil, LP or natural gas.
  • On-site destruction provides medical waste disposal alternative

Click on the medical waste incineration models above to read the unique benefits of each. Contact us toll-free with any questions you may have about which model is best for your needs at (800) 820-3391 or (320) 275-3391 or contact us using the form below.

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