Drug Disposal

A clear choice for drug disposal using incinerators.
Durable. Reliable. Cost Effective.

Firelake Incinerators are being used all over the United States & helping Legal Justice Centers.


Drug Disposal for Legal Justice Centers

Illegal drug traffic is a growing problem in the US and abroad. Firelake Manufacturing has drug disposal incineration units for narcotics and medical prescription drugs that render the drugs to ashes. Automatically controlled burners attack the waste from multiple sides. Secondary burn chambers are available in many sizes. Operation is simple, preheat, load, press START. A few hours later the materials were broken down into ashes.

Drug Disposal Choices

Most popular large Firelake models for drug disposal incineration use are:

Model P16Model C12-400 Model P50


Firelake Incinerators are Simple and Reliable

  • Click on the drug disposal incineration models above to read the unique benefits of each. Contact us toll-free with any questions you may have about which model is best for your needs at (800) 820-3391 or (320) 275-3391 or contact us using the form below.

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