About Us

Firelake is a manufacturer of incinerators and cremators with a long history of innovating solutions for niche industries that dates back to the 1950’s when Firelake got its start manufacturing commercial equipment. Today, Firelake is still serving those customers and many other new industries with our incinerators and crematoriums. This equipment has helped reduce waste at farms, destroy contraband materials, eliminate pathological wastes, and serve the medical and veterinary sectors (includes many classified wastes approved by the EPA).

Firelake Manufacturing has Change in Ownership

Firelake Manufacturing, Hutchinson, MNIn 1971 Firelake changed ownership and continued the long tradition of engineering and manufacturing equipment to delight customers across the country. With the primary manufacturing facility located in Dassel, MN and second facility in Virginia, Firelake Manufacturing continued to build durable equipment built to last.  Firelake Manufacturing is now located in Hutchinson, Minnesota and is a proud member of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce

Manufacturer of Incinerators and Crematoriums

Firelake Incinerators and Crematoriums are all over the world sold through many outlets. If you see one that looks like ours it probably is ours.   We have companies attempting to copy our designs but not our quality or performance.   Come direct to the source who designed them, Firelake Manufacturing. With our engineering and design expertise, the team at Firelake Manufacturing understands the needs of industries requiring safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sound equipment for a variety of waste disposal needs.

Incinerator and Cremator Dealers Across US & Canada

Firelake has of Incinerator and Crematorium dealers across the United States and Canada, and other continents, and a growing number of happy customers. We invite you to experience the difference with Firelake Manufacturing and look forward to helping you find the right equipment for your needs.

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Do you have questions about incinerators or cremators? As a leading manufacturer of incinerators and cremators, the team Firelake can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started.  Call us today at 800-820-3391 or contact us here.