Experience the Firelake Difference

Firelake Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing disease control and waste reduction incinerators along with animal crematoriums for over forty years.   We have designed and built equipment that is located all over the world under our Firelake name, our Shenandoah name, and often branded with other names appearing as the manufacturer. If it looks like ours it probably is. Come direct to the source, we are here to listen. Our equipment is relied upon in every market. Our incineration systems out perform all other waste solutions and offer a long-term, sustainable means of disposing of waste. Firelake incinerators and crematoriums are compliant with EPA and air quality regulations, making them a preferred choice in incineration systems.

Thank-you for helping us figure out and comply with a unique specification in our incineration system!

Industries who trust Firelake incinerators to help power through tough jobs include poultry farms, commercial ag-related businesses, hunting and gaming farms, mining camps, remote communities, veterinarian schools and clinics, and those dealing with the proper disposal of animal carcasses.  Firelake incinerators are also used in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities tasked with proper disposal of medical waste.

These industries consistently tell us that they have immediately experienced the difference in our high quality, low maintenance equipment:

Vet & Animal Waste CrematoriumsMedical Waste Incinerators Agricultural & Poultry Farm IncineratorsMunicipal Solid Waste Incinerators

Experience the Difference in Your Waste Management Operations

Firelake incinerators offer a wide range in load capacity, and can incinerate between about two hundred and sixteen hundred pounds of waste at a time, depending on your specific needs and model selected. In order to extend the life of the equipment, we manufacture incinerators that offer low thermal losses and high resistance interior surfaces. Firelake incinerators have all the same design and operational advantages including:

  • Stronger modified base and lower profile for stability and durability
  • Heat-resistant, aluminized steel construction; stainless steel and industrial strength refractory
  • Heightened durability with continuous-welded bottom seams and no grates to replace
  • Less fuel consumption and lower fuel costs thanks to the uniquely designed clean, one-time burn

Experience the Difference in Your Bottom Line!

At a time when fuel costs are on the rise, it’s critical the incinerator or crematorium you choose is as efficient as possible offering “energy saver” controls like those available with Firelake incinerators. Firelake incinerators offer a clean, one-time burn which translates to using less fuel consumption and lowering fuel costs, which is important to your bottom line.

Firelake incinerators and crematoriums are a clear choice for your unique incineration needs and budget! Durable. Reliable. Cost Effective.    

Consider our LEASING or FINANCING options as affordable monthly costs!

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