Cremation System Model P16-SC30

Animal Crematory System- Cremation System Model P16-SC30 - for animal carcass disposal

Animal Crematory System

  • 1.5 second residence at 1800° F in Secondary Chamber.
  • Built by specialists in incinerator systems for animal carcass disposal.
  • Designed for safe, easy operation with state-of–the-art controls.
  • Includes many benefits of high-priced systems, yet within the budgets of small facilities.
  • 400 pound max load capacity for mass cremation.
  • Easy to use… Set timers and walk away.
  • Available with LP, Natural Gas, or Oil burners.
  • Helps ensure proper disposal of animal carcasses.

Crematorium Product Specification

400 lbs. (181 kg) Chamber Capacity
16.5 cu. ft. (0.47 cu. m.) Chamber Volume



Benefits and Features of the P16-SC30 Series Crematorium

Fast, complete, efficient
animal carcass disposal

  • Concave refractory bottom specifically designed to ensure burnout and total destruction of liquid wastes.
  • Secondary chamber and insulated, refractory-lined stacks for emissions control.
  • Heavy-duty ceramic grates allow burning from below.

Minimum installation and
start-up time

  • Factory assembled, aluminized steel jacket lined with high-temperature refractory.
  • Factory cured chambers and stacks.
  • 2-Pen chart recorder standard.

Easy and Safe Crematorium Operation

  • Counter-balanced fill door with electrical lockout.
  • Timer control system for each burner provides preset burn times and automatic shut off.

Low Energy Consumption Levels

  • Temperature controller maintains temperature, assuring complete combustion while conserving fuel.
  • Choice of fuels: LP, Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil.

Lowest operating cost in the Industry!