Cremation System P77

System P77-SC8

  • Large Animal load door 79” x 27” makes this model suitable for animal carcass disposal such as cattle, swine, deer, goats, equine. It’s also suitable for contraband, cannabis, and medical waste and much more.
  • Primary Chamber Capacity 2541 lbs. (1153 kg) at 33 lbs/cu ft Animal weight
  • Other waste types use cu ft to calculate chamber size.
  • Primary Chamber Volume 77 cu. ft. (2.2 cu meter)
  • Secondary afterburner available in many sizes. SC8 (8cu ft), SC30 (30 cu ft) shown
  • Painted steel plate structural exterior with 2800F interior high temperature casting
  • Ash removal door (optional)
  • Stainless steel chimney cap
  • Simple push to start, auto-preheating, auto-stop control.
  • Temperatures are field adjustable to maximize operator load management
  • Temperature recording available
  • Burners electronic start with flame safety, flame failure manual lockout
  • Safety HI Temperature shut down
  • Water spray burn tempering for combustion management and safety
  • Burn rates vary greatly by waste type 50-200 lbs per hour    2-20 hrs per batch.



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Features and Benefits

  • Formed refractory bottom specifically designed to insure burnout and total destruction of solid and liquid wastes.
  • Secondary chamber with burner.
  • Insulated, refractory-lined chambers and stacks for durability, energy retention, and emissions control.
  • High temperature refractory lined chamber walls.
  • Factory assembled, aluminized steel jacket lined with high-temperature refractory.
  • Factory cured chambers and stacks.
  • Assembly on-site can be done with common construction lifts or booms.
  • Counter-balanced fill door.
  • Manual set burn time and automatic shut off.
  • Burn times are adjustable by operator to meet varying loads.
  • Choice of fuels: LP, Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil.
  • Stack Test Data available on many models.
  • We provide permit and compliance assistance at no cost.

One simple solution to solid/liquid waste disposal
Immediately eliminates potential to spread diseases.