Incineration Systems Model A400X

Incineration Systems Model A400X

  • Recirculating flue gases assure clean operation.
  • Built by specialists in incinerator systems.
  • Designed for safe, easy operation with simple to use controls.
  • Includes many benefits of high-priced systems, yet within the budgets of small facilities.
  • 400 pound rated load capacity.
  • Easy to use… Set timers and walk away. Thermocouple controls temperature.
  • Available with LP, Natural Gas, or Oil burners. Afterburner is standard.

Product Specification

400 lbs. (182 kg) Chamber Capacity
12.6 cubic foot (0.36 cubic meters) Chamber Volume

 Broilers Breeders Turkeys
 80,000  60,000  20,000




Features and Benefits

  • Concave refractory bottom specifically designed to insure burnout and total destruction of solid and liquid wastes.
  • Secondary chamber with burner.
  • Insulated, refractory-lined chambers and stacks for durability, energy retention, and emissions control.
  • High temperature refractory lined chamber walls.
  • Factory assembled, aluminized steel jacket lined with high-temperature refractory.
  • Factory cured chambers and stacks.
  • Assembly on-site can be done with common farm equipment.
  • Counter-balanced fill door.
  • Manual set burn time and automatic shut off.
  • Burn times are adjustable by operator to meet varying loads.
  • Choice of fuels: LP, Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil.
  • Stack Test Data available on many models.
  • We provide permit and compliance assistance at no cost.

One simple solution to solid/liquid waste disposal
immediately eliminates potential to spread diseases.