7 Ways to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Each of us plays an important role in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. From medical personnel to teachers, to parents and even children, we all can take steps to reduce the spread of the disease.  Learn more about what you can do, from as easy as washing your hands and staying home, to being on the frontline as a medical professional and handling Coronavirus incineration.

Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

    1. Properly Dispose of Potential Coronavirus Waste.  If you use a handmade mask or gloves when you leave home, wash and sanitize them after each use.  Firelake Manufacturing offers many medical incinerators that will dispose of contaminated coronavirus waste such as PPE, bedding, and other medical equipment for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and municipalities.
    2. Self- Quarantine if you have any Symptoms.  If you get a temperature or a persistent cough, isolate yourself from others to stop the spread of the illness.
    3. Wash your Hands Frequently.  Wash your hands often and during regular times (before prepping food, after using the restroom, etc.) During the COVID-19 pandemic, you should also wash hands after touching public items or surfaces and before touching your face.  Hand sanitizer and gloves can also be used to keep hands free from germs, in addition to washing hands.
    4. Don’t Travel. If at all possible, do not travel during this time to avoid spreading the coronavirus.
    5. coronavirus incineration, facemask, personal protection equipmentWear a Face Mask if you go in Public. There are many people and organizations sewing homemade facemasks to help prevent the spread of the disease. Wearing a facemask may prevent a person from spreading the disease if they are asymptomatic. Surgical masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) are also being accepted as donations by many local organizations.
    6. Practice Social Distancing. If you have to go out to the grocery store or to do something else essential, practice social distancing and stay six feet apart from other people.  Even though it has been termed “social distancing” this is really more about physical distancing.  We love to see how people are still connecting through birthday parades, games via virtual video conferencing, and more.
    7. Stay Home.  When you stay home and with the smaller group of your own household, you limit potential exposure to yourself, your family, and your community.  With spring coming, many are also excited to spend time in their own yards and enjoy walks and time outside.

We are here for you!

Working together, we can get through the Coronavirus pandemic as a stronger community and world.  If you need assistance from Firelake Manufacturing for your Coronavrius incineration or other incineration needs, please reach out to us at 800-820-3391 or contact us here. Stay healthy!