Incineration for Coronavirus Medical Waste

Coronavirus medical waste incinerators - Firelake Manufacturing

The Coronavirus has caused illness and fatalities in China, Italy, the USA and across the globe. The Coronavirus medical waste has also caused waste disposal issues overseas, with the number of discarded facemasks reaching the millions or billions in China. Environment and Health authorities in China have stated that protective gear worn by medical personnel and people infected by Coronavirus should be treated as clinical waste and incinerated at dedicated facilities, and for good reason.

How Incinerators Helps Destroy the Virus

There are many reasons why epidemics spread, causing global pandemics. One factor is the poor medical and biosecurity waste disposal that allows for more people to come into contact with the virus.  Incinerating medical clothing, personal protective equipment, and facemasks helps remove the virus from the environment so it can’t spread further.  Burning the medical waste in an incinerator with sufficiently high temperatures incinerates the waste into a sterile ash.

Firelake’s Medical Waste Incinerators

Facemask medical waste incinerators - Firelake ManufacturingFirelake Manufacturing’s incinerators have operated all over the northern and southern hemispheres providing biosecurity and medical waste disposal. Medical waste incinerators keep medical waste such as protective gear, clothing, and facemasks controlled and localized. The Firelake Manufacturing incinerators provide immediate, on-site, reliable disposal of medical waste. They are operating at private, commercial, industrial, and government facilities, reaching temperatures well above required levels to destroy the complete waste stream. Incinerators of different sizes range from 6 cubic feet to 42 cubic feet ( 1.2 cu meter) and they can be fired with diesel, propane, or natural gas. Various loading options, stack designs, and monitoring devices can meet the needs of medical facilities and be factory-built to minimize assembly time at the medical site or incineration facility.  Some of our most popular incinerator models (from smaller to larger) are the A400, C12, and the P50 (shown below). Medical Incinerator Crematory p50-3g-sc2

Medical Waste Management Adds Protection

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus or any epidemic or pandemic, the need for a robust biosecurity waste management system is a necessity. Safe medical incineration and medical practices will save lives. Firelake Manufacturing has operated clinical incinerators in medical facilities for decades eliminating disease contamination at the point of contact. We are here to support the needs of clinics and aid agencies to help minimize the impacts of pandemics like the Coronavirus outbreak.

Let Firelake Be Part of the Solution

Firelake Manufacturing has equipment that can make an impact and provide solutions to some of the biosecurity and medical waste problems that our country and the world are facing with the Coronavirus.  Please contact us at 800-820-3391 or get in touch with a local dealer to discuss your medical waste needs and which incinerator will do the job.

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