Incinerator and Cremator FAQ’s

Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive at Firelake Manufacturing regarding our incinerators and cremators and usage.  Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here. We will be happy to share what we have learned from being in this business for over forty years, and will add your questions to our Incinerator and Cremator FAQ’s

FAQ’s about Incinerators and Cremators

What is the difference between an incinerator and a cremator?
The main difference between an incinerator and a cremator is the spelling! The physical difference and operation of incinerators and cremators is the same.  One term may be more or less appealing than the other. The terminology used may make a difference if a permit is to be filed to operate.

dead horse removal, large animal incinerator - proper disposal of animal carcassesIs an incinerator or cremator a cost burden to my business?
Probably not, in fact, we often hear that the cremator can become the best employee a business has. Every time the cremator is used, it makes money. Savings can be generated by doing on-site waste disposal. Cash flow can be generated by returning pet remains to grieved customers in pet cremation.

Is there special skill needed to operate an incinerator or cremator properly?
No special skills are need to operate an incinerator or cremator. In fact, you current staff can learn to use a cremator in just a few hours. Operation is simple: load, close, press start, return later and then remove the ash. After a couple days of practice most people are very competent in incinerator or cremator operation.

What are some cremator selection rules of thumb?
Steel cased model cremators with a poured refractory lining are best. Cremator models with grates are better than models that have the load resting on the floor of the chamber. Models with single burners located at the entry of the stacking are best, this reburns smoke or gasses before exiting the chamber. Multi-chamber burner models provide reburn opportunity of flue gas and are normally better than single chamber units.

Should I used a certain type of fuel with the cremator or incinerator?
Fuel selection with incinerators is not a concern, so our suggestion it to use the fuel that is least costly in your area.  Firelake Manufacturing offers cremators and incinerators with LP, Natural gas, and Diesel.

Does operating temperature make a difference with incinerators or cremators?
Normally the least cost to operate is to run at just enough temperature to cleanly burn off the waste stream. Any attempt to operate at greater temperature will add to equipment cost and consume more fuel. If the local authorities require a certain temperature, then you may have to comply to obtain a permit to operate.

What is the largest cremator size available?
Firelake Manufacturing has cremators that work for large animal disposal, such as horses.  Unlike other cremators that claim to be for horse disposal, our cremator will dispose of a whole horse.

What are some common incineration and cremation terms a person should be aware of, before purchasing?
There are many options Firelake can offer and many ways you can operate a cremation/incineration unit.  If price is important to you, understand these cremation and incineration terms and details below before making a decision.

How do I purchase a cremator? Where do I find a dealer for Firelake products?
Firelake Manufacturing sells incinerators and cremators through a dealer network across North America.  Many of our incinerator dealers offer valuable services such as delivery, installation, customer service, incinerator repair, and more.  Check out our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.

Still have questions? Is your incinerator or cremator FAQ not listed here? Firelake Manufacturing can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started.  Call us today at 800-820-3391 or contact us here.