Low Cost Pet Cremation, Quick Payoff

Last month, we detailed the cost to operate, and revenue from a P model Firelake pet cremation system.  That pet cremation payoff scenario is economically attractive for mid-sized and larger veterinarian clinics but now we would like to highlight a smaller less cost model commonly used in smaller rural clinics. These smaller Firelake “A” models have found niches in small volume clinics.  The A series cremators have many features and options available to them but let’s look at a standard set-up.

The pet cremation payoff numbers are rounded off for simplicity:  
Cremator price $6,000.
Life of cremator 15 years.
Assume $1200/yr for 5 years to pay it off.
Assume 2 animal cremation per week, 104/year charging $100 per animal.
This grosses $10,400.

Assume to process one animal requires 5 hours of fuel and electric, some labor to load/unload, and an allowance for maintenance in total of $50 per animal. The 104 animals x $50 per animal = $5,200 in operating costs.  Add $1,200 to pay of cremator that year. $10,400 – $5,200 – $1,200 = $4,000 net per year for first five years, then $5,200 net per year for years 6 through 15.

Want a better return from that Firelake Manufacturing cremator?
Use our animal separation trays and process multiple animals per load to cut the operating cost in half or more.  Substitute your pet cremation payoff numbers and see what you are missing. Call us to help.

Interested in learning more about pet cremation and payoffs? Firelake Manufacturing can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started.  Call us today at 800-820-3391or contact us here.