Ebola or other disease control, waste destruction needs?

Ebola, Contamination, Biosecurity Concerns ?

Firelake’s Professional Incinerators have operated all over the northern and southern hemisphere providing biosecurity and general waste disposal. The Firelake models provide immediate, on-site, reliable operation. The incinerators are operating at private, commercial, industrial, and government facilities. All the models have features allowing them to reach temperatures well above required levels to destroy the complete waste stream. Sizes range from 6 cubic feet to 42 cubic feet ( 1.2 cu meter). They can be fired with diesel, propane, or natural gas. Various loading options, stack designs, and monitoring devices can meet your need and be factory built to minimize assembly time at the job site.

The Ebola outbreak started a new concern for safe medical practices. Firelake has operated incinerators in medical facilities for decades eliminating disease contamination at the point of contact. The Firelake incinerators will destroy Ebola and other disease by exposure to heat through time. Built-in temperature control assures that desired temperature is achieved before the burn process starts.

The Firelake designs are time tested. The construction is of heavy steel casing with a cast high temperature lining that retains internal heat and protects the steel. We use simple control panels with simple components that are easy to understand and service. There are no computer driven cabinets and multiple voltage circuits that few can program or service and require costly specialized technicians. Customers can access the Firelake control panels, chambers, linings, burners, and sensors to do routine service. Firelake has parts available and offers phone technical support allowing your maintenance staff to manage all functions without hiring outside help.

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