General Waste Incinerator for Remote Island

    Firelake Incineration has again been contracted to fabricate a waste disposal incinerator.  Food products and other wastes will be destroyed within general waste incinerator with the large chambered unit using diesel burners and fans.  The incinerator will be shipped from Firelake in April and barged to a remote island shortly after.  A … [Read more...]

Firelake Cannabis Incinerator

Complete destruction of waste cannabis products is achieved with many models of Firelake incinerators.  With a cannabis incinerator, in only a matter of minutes is required to reduce the mass in to a black ash, making it one of the most efficient cannabis destruction methods.   Temperatures can be adjusted as well as burner fuel flows to achieve … [Read more...]

Group of Contraband Destroying Incinerators Ship Out

Firelake designed and built a group of Model P16 contraband destroying incinerators for a Western US state's drug enforcement department.   As you can see in the pictures, these heavily constructed thermal lined assemblies will be field assembled and operating within hours of arrival.   Meeting the state regulatory needs were accomplished with … [Read more...]

We have Incineration Cremation Dedication

Do you take spending money seriously?   At Firelake Manufacturing, we take incineration and cremation so serious it is the core of our business. Everyday is focused on incinerating and cremating. Read more about out Incineration Cremation Dedication: We have roots in the business dating back over 40 years. Our standard product line … [Read more...]

Controlled Substance Eliminator

What's hot at Firelake?   Controlled and illegal substance disposal.   Where?  The U.S., Canada, South America, and other locations.   What items are customers interested in destroying?   Narcotics, marijuana, imported plants and foods, pills, bottles, and plant growing substances.   What does Firelake offer to meet this demand?   Dozens of models … [Read more...]

Incinerators That Last

Over twenty years ago a cremator was installed in southern Pennsylvania.   Experience in cremator design is measured in decades at Firelake.   There are many locations where our A, C, and P Series incinerators are working many years after commissioning.   Small units and large units, propane, natural gas, and diesel burners.    Medical waste, … [Read more...]

Cremators Big and Small

You may have a BIG need for a Firelake Model P60 incinerator.    The P60 is an autoloading design that offers many features to accommodate regulations and operating preferences.   Large in size it often is sized for hospitals, bulk mass disposal, or as a central disposal site for remote clinics.   Designed in modules the P60 offers many burner and … [Read more...]

Red Bags to Ashes

What does Firelake do with red bag waste?    The results are typical for the before and after photos.  All Firelake cremators and incinerators routinely produce these results.    After your wastes have been exposed to temperatures of 2000F (1100C) the remains are gray and white ash along mixed with charred metal fragments and melted glass.   The … [Read more...]

Incinerator, Cremator, Thermal Oxidizer?

What is the difference?   Which one meets your need?   The meanings are about the same.   Often culture or the situation dictates that one term may be more accepted or recognized than the other terms.    Incinerators are often thought of as devices that destroy waste materials and convert them into a disposable ash.   Cremators are often thought of … [Read more...]

Ebola or other disease control, waste destruction needs?

Ebola, Contamination, Biosecurity Concerns ? Firelake’s Professional Incinerators have operated all over the northern and southern hemisphere providing biosecurity and general waste disposal. The Firelake models provide immediate, on-site, reliable operation. The incinerators are operating at private, commercial, industrial, and government … [Read more...]