Cremation System Model P25

P25 & P25-M1 SeriesAre you looking for a way to properly dispose of medical waste?

  • How is your facility disposing of medical waste?
  • Do you have waste management under control?
  • How much do you spend each year to have waste material hauled to landfills?
  • How long will these sites be available? And at what future cost?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for proper waste disposal?

One Simple Solution to Medical Waste Disposal

The P25 is designed to burn disposables that can and should be destroyed on-site. These wastes include infectious and contaminated “red bag”, surgical dressings, plastic test devices, animals, and other wastes. If you are paying a high fee to haul these waste materials to a disposal site, now is the time to consider the on-site incineration alternative.

On-site incineration is a thorough, fast, and cost effective way to dispose of medical waste. Shenandoah’s P25 incinerator destroys pathogens and meets tight air emission regulations.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely durable
  • Backed by knowledgeable
    and friendly service

Product Specification

P25-600 & P25-600-M1

23 cu. ft. Primary Chamber Volume


Benefits and Features of the P25 & P25-M1 Series

Fast, Complete, and Efficient Waste Disposal

  • Heavy duty ceramic grates allow burning from below.
  • Formed refractory bottom acts as a hearth for waste that falls through grate openings.
  • Insulated and refractory lined secondary chamber with exit temperatures of up to 1800F and up to two second retention.

Minimal Installation and
Start-Up Time

  • Factory assembled, aluminized steel jacket lined with high-temperature refractory and brick.
  • Recorders and other accessory equipment available.

Easy and Safe Operation

  • Large counter-balanced fill door with electrical lockout.
  • Automatic control system provides preset burn times and shut off.

Low Energy Consumption Levels

  • Temperature controllers in a compact control box attached to the unit maintain temperature, assuring complete combustion while conserving fuel.
  • Pressure blower with modulating air control creates turbulence and distributes combustion air to secondary chamber.
  • Secondary burner with temperature-activated modulating control provides fast preheat and sustains high temperature performance at low energy consumption.
  • Simple direct spark burners with flame monitoring safety guards.

Low cost medical waste incineration.