Incinerator and Cremator FAQ’s

Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive at Firelake Manufacturing regarding our incinerators and cremators and usage.  Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here. We will be happy to share what we have learned from being in this business for over forty years, and will add your questions to our Incinerator and … [Read more...]

End of Life Considerations for Horse Rescues & Equine Vets

Equine veterinarians and horse rescues are often faced with the challenge of determining how to handle horse disposal at the end of its life.  Whether the horse dies naturally or is euthanized, the most humane and efficient ways to proper disposal of animal carcasses such as horses include rendering, composting, and incineration or cremation. Why … [Read more...]

Incinerators for Cannabis Waste Disposal Compliance

Across the United States and the world, cannabis cultivators are learning how to deal with the challenge of disposing of cannabis waste.  Marijuana farmers are required to dispose of the organic compound according to their local legislation. With the continued increase in marijuana production, it is likely that government regulations will continue … [Read more...]

Marijuana Incinerators for Police Drug Disposal

Firelake Manufacturing has drug disposal incinerators to help the Law Enforcement, Legal Justice Centers, and DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to dispose of confiscated illicit drugs such as marijuana. When illegal drugs are seized, a challenge that follows for the police officers is determining how to dispose of the drugs. Some police drug … [Read more...]

Cremation Options for Dead Horse Removal

When it is time to properly dispose of a large animal such as a dead horse, horse owners and ranch owners have limited options for disposal of an equine carcass. Options for dead horse disposal vary by location but can include burial, composting, rendering, and cremation/incineration.  At Firelake Manufacturing, we manufacture cremators and … [Read more...]

Poultry Farm Incinerator

There’s no doubt. Americans love their chicken! All that delicious food comes from a mix of local farmers to large scale poultry producers. Keeping up with societal demands for one of America’s most popular food requires a sustainable means of disposing of waste. Poultry farms and processing plants across the United States trust Firelake … [Read more...]

Incinerator Permit Process: Where to Start?

If you are exploring the purchase of an incinerator for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information. If circumstances are leading you toward the purchase of an incinerator or crematorium, we want to congratulate you on the positive impact your decision will make on clean ground water supply, our environment, and … [Read more...]

Industrial Incinerator

An industrial incinerator has a tough job! It’s the workhorse of waste disposal, and it must out perform all other garbage and waste solutions. Firelake Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing industrial incinerators for over forty years (since the 1970’s), with our equipment in use in every state across the country. With stringent … [Read more...]

New Animal Cremation Unit Meets NY Regulations

A new Model P16-SC30 cremation unit was installed last week south of Albany, New York. This model meets the newest NY Air Regulations. With a crane, a P16 can be installed in 1/2 a day and test fired within hours. The client (Valley Animal Hospital) will use this system to benefit pet owners in the surrounding area; animal cremation. Features of … [Read more...]

New Incinerator A400X for Camp or Poultry Farm

Firelake Manufacturing is now offering a new, hybrid incinerator initially designed around specific needs and requests of our customers. The first A400X incinerators were shipped to mining, fishing and gaming camps in remote Canada. Since the first incinerators left the production floor, this poultry incinerator has been in high demand. Poultry … [Read more...]