Incinerator to Fit your Specific Waste Stream Disposal Needs

1924. Yes, ninety-three years ago IBM was founded and J. Edgar Hoover was placed in charge at the FBI.  Firelake Manufacturing has a history tracing back that far.  What have we done?  Designed, tested, built, sold, and serviced combustion equipment for a significant part of that time.  Many dozens of models and hundreds of features have been … [Read more...]

Creative Savings on Firelake Incinerators

Have you been thinking of starting a cremation business for animals or on-site waste disposal?  The price of buying equipment can make that decision difficult.  Initial cost to get in the business can be softened by using readily available payment options.  This leaves your cash free to use for other supplies and payroll.   Firelake Manufacturing … [Read more...]

We have Incineration Cremation Dedication

Do you take spending money seriously?   At Firelake Manufacturing, we take incineration and cremation so serious it is the core of our business. Everyday is focused on incinerating and cremating. Read more about out Incineration Cremation Dedication: We have roots in the business dating back over 40 years. Our standard product line … [Read more...]

Low Cost Pet Cremation, Quick Payoff

Last month, we detailed the cost to operate, and revenue from a P model Firelake pet cremation system.  That pet cremation payoff scenario is economically attractive for mid-sized and larger veterinarian clinics but now we would like to highlight a smaller less cost model commonly used in smaller rural clinics. These smaller Firelake "A" models … [Read more...]

The Cost of Delaying a Pet Cremator Purchase

A common story is heard a few months after a customer has been using a Firelake Cremator. The owner reviews their cash flow and expenses then realize they were losing income every day they did not have the cremator operating at their site. Here is a simple way to show a return on investment for a pet cremator based from a real story. The Pet … [Read more...]

Michigan Veterinarian Obtains Cremator Permit

Firelake Manufacturing worked with the Michigan DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and Firelake's equipment distributor to gain cremator permit approval to install and operate a model P16 animal crematorium.  This gas-fired unit is an automatic run and stop system requiring only loading and pressing the "START" button. In a few hours a … [Read more...]

State Testing Incinerator Certification

  Firelake Manufacturing's experienced technical crew built and pretested the Model P50 incinerator, then contracted a third party stack testing agency to officially measure flue gas content in preparation for State Testing Incinerator Certification. Many states require a specific test to be done and the flue gas to meet established requirements. … [Read more...]

What Is a Good Incinerator?

Is your decision based on performance or budget or both?   Let's look at price, performance, and design.  Firelake designs and builds various models that have many options available.   Basic design features may include refractory linings, grates, a secondary burn chamber, or temperature control.  Refractory lining protects the outer steel shell, … [Read more...]

Quality Incineration is Affordable, Not Cheap

 This is Firelake design, contained heat and flame.    These are not a Firelake design.  Firelake does not want to expose operators to flame and heat.  . Looking for a product to reduce volume of waste, destroy it for bio-security, or protect proprietary information?   The process to see if a Firelake incinerator is practical for your needs is … [Read more...]

Pet Cremator Durability, Another Firelake Unit

  Is 20 or more years of cremation service of interest to your investment?   Firelake designs and builds many models that have lasted many years in the field.   Shown is a tenured P25 unit operating in the western U.S.   The model is gas fired, top loading, and has a swing out lower ash door.   The control panel stands to the left side of the main … [Read more...]