Firelake Cannabis Incinerator

Cannabis IncineratorCoCannabis Incinerator - Firelake Manufacturingmplete destruction of waste cannabis products is achieved with many models of Firelake incinerators.  With a cannabis incinerator, in only a matter of minutes is required to reduce the mass in to a black ash, making it one of the most efficient cannabis destruction methods.   Temperatures can be adjusted as well as burner fuel flows to achieve optimum performance.  Sealed doors and thick cast refractory walls contain the waste, heat, and odors until combustion is complete.   Firelake makes many sizes and options for your needs.  

The regulations for waste disposal of recreational and medical marijuana differ from state to state and continue to be written. A common thread is that after cultivation, the cannabis plant waste must be rendered unusable. Firelake Manufacturing makes incinerators to help with compliance to marijuana disposal laws. Learn more about cannabis waste disposal compliance and cannabis destruction methods.

Firelake has Cannabis Incinerators for Waste Solutions

Are you interested in learning more about Firelake Manufacturing’s incinerators for cannabis waste disposal? Learn more about our cannabis waste incinerators here. Firelake Manufacturing can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started.  Call us today at 800-820-3391 or contact us here.

Cannabis Waste Incinerators