Contraband Incineration

Illegal drug traffic is a growing problem in the US and abroad. Firelake has models in use that render the contraband to ashes as shown in the photos from a recent install.   Automatically controlled burners attack the waste from multiple sides.  Secondary burn chambers are available in many sizes.  Operation is simple, preheat, load, press START.  A few hours later the materials were broken down into ashes.

Firelake Cannabis Incinerator

Complete destruction of waste cannabis products is achieved with many models of Firelake incinerators.  Only a matter of minutes is required to reduce the mass in to a black ash.   Temperatures can be adjusted as well as burner fuel flows to achieve optimum performance.  Sealed doors and thick cast refractory walls contain the waste, heat, and odors until combustion is complete.   Firelake makes many sizes and options for your needs.   Contact us for details and price budgeting. 

Contraband Incinerator Ready for Startup

A contraband disposal site in Georgia is using a Firelake Model P50 to destroy illegal substances.  Waste materials will be broken down to fine ash or very brittle unrecognizable remains.  The top loading multiburner incinerator has a large capacity primary chamber and a secondary burn chamber to eliminate chamber smoke.  Temperature control of the lower burners is done by monitoring the stack gas.   The P50 has a heavy steel case lined with 4 inches of cast refractory.   High temperature paint covers all external surfaces.  Stainless perforated sheet is used to cap the stack exit.   Many years of service is anticipated for the patrol officers.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Incinerator

Firelake will be providing a marijuana crop destruction incinerator at a newly permitted cultivation facility in Pennsylvania.   A cannabis cultivation farm is no simple undertaking.   Aside from necessary security measures the construction is being done according to FDA, Building, and NFPA code.   The primary waste burned will be unused bio parts from the plants.  Incineration will be done inside the main incineration burn chamber where high temperature is confined by refractory lined walls that are encased with coated steel sheet.  Controls allow automatic operation after the operator loads the chamber.   A second burn chamber located above the main chamber destroys any materials that exit the lower chamber.   Normal operation is quiet, odor free, and smoke free.   If you have similar needs for a medical cannabis operation Firelake would like to offer options that are economical and simple to use.

We Have Incineration Cremation Dedication

Do you take spending money seriously?   At Firelake we take incineration and cremation so serious it is the core of our business.   Everyday is focused on incinerating and cremating.  We have roots in the business dating back over 40 years.   Our standard product line has over 23 models available plus numerous operational and fabrication options to add to each.   Popular markets in 2017 are drug disposal, pet cremation, export medical waste, and remote camp waste disposal.   Active projects reach across the U.S., Canada, and in to other countries.   Our factory is finishing a 600 pound model for a Canadian customer.   A permit to operate a Firelake incinerator has just been approved in Ohio, and the next step is releasing a purchase order.  A Firelake Pro-model was specified for a drug disposal project in a Southern coastal city.   Firelake incinerators are being reviewed by cannabis farming industry consultants with potential to specify Firelake as the choice of on-site waste disposal.  A new ergonomic design cremation unit is under development in R&D.   A large volume model is being budgeted for contraband disposal in Central America.  In Pennsylvania and New Jersey animal hospitals are planning to offer ash return services to customers.  In Nebraska a new site is being built to house a Firelake Pro model.  These are just some of the examples of current activity at Firelake.    Do you take your business seriously?  Firelake may have a cash generator for you.   Call or email us.

“Cremator Selection for Dummies”

Have you ever seen or read any of the popular instructional books of that series?    Not everyone is a master of all knowledge.   If you are considering a purchase of an incinerator or cremator answer these few questions and be better informed to make a decision.

What is the difference between an incinerator and a cremator?   The spelling.   The physical difference and operation is the same.   One term may be more or less appealing than the other.   Terminology may make a difference if a permit is to be filed to operate.

Are they a cost burden to my business?  Probably not.   We often hear it becomes the best employee they have.   Every time they use it they make money.   Savings is generated by doing on-site waste disposal, or cash flow is generated by returning pet remains to grieved customers.

Is there special skill needed to operate one properly?   No.  Your current staff can learn to use one in a few hours.   Operation is simple, load, close, press start, return later and remove ash.    After a couple days most people are very competent.

What is a good product design?   Rules of thumb: Steel cased models with a poured refractory lining is best.  Models with grates are better than models that have the load resting on the floor of the chamber.   Models with single burners located at the entry of the stacking are best, this reburns smoke or gasses before exiting the chamber.   Multichamber burner models provide reburn opportunity of flue gas and are normally better than single chamber units.   Fuel selection is not a concern, use what is least costly in your area.   Firelake offers LP, Natural gas, and Diesel versions.

Does operating temperature make a difference?  Normally the least cost to operate is to run at just enough temperature to cleanly burn off the waste stream.   Any attempt to operate at greater temperature will add to equipment cost and consume more fuel.   If the local authorities require a certain temperature then you may have to comply to obtain a permit to operate.

More questions ?    Call or email Firelake.   We will be happy to explain our equipment, what is needed to get a machine installed, and how to operate it in a few simple steps.   The payback will start on the first run.

What Is a Good Incinerator?

Incinerator A400xIs your decision based on performance or budget or both?   Let’s look at price, performance, and design.  Firelake designs and builds various models that have many options available.   Basic design features may include refractory linings, grates, a secondary burn chamber, or temperature control.  Refractory lining protects the outer steel shell, retains heat inside and thus saves energy.   Linings allow an incinerator to have a longer life, and for safety they have cooler external surfaces.   Hard linings will resist wear and degeneration from chemicals in wastes.   Grates allow the load to rest above the flame exposing 100% of the surface area to heat allowing a faster burn time and the ability to destroy grease as it forms and drops.    Models without grates are less expensive and will work a different way.   The load is only attacked from the top surface and may tend to pool grease that ignites mid-burn and create smoke or back pressure for a brief time.   Secondary burn chambers are designed to further clean the flue gas as it exits the lower chamber.   A secondary chamber has a burner / fan thus adding expense beyond a basic single chamber incineration unit.   Temperature control monitors temperature in a chamber and reduces fuel flow to moderate maximum temperature and save fuel.   Simpler incinerators without temperature control are less expensive.   They operate by an on – off timer that runs the burners the full burn cycle.   Firelake can offer additional details upon request.    Compare Firelake to the others and see why your investment is better with Firelake.

Another Drug Disposal Incineration Project

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Firelake is building multiple incinerators for a drug disposal project in the US.  These incinerators offer high temperature destruction of wastes, automatic on and off operation, temperature control, ash removal door, loading door, and dual burn chambers.   All chambers are painted steel exterior and castable refractory lined.    Burners are simple design and require minimal maintenance.    Service parts are reasonably priced and available for all components.   Assembly of incinerators can be done by local contractors and Firelake is available if requested to assist and train personnel.

Controlled Substance Eliminator


FAYZABAD, AFGHANISTAN - MAY 31: Local poppy farmers harvest the opium sap from the bulb of the plant during a ten-day harvesting period May 31, 2011 in Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the cultivation of poppies in the Badakhshan region has more than doubled this season. Opium production in Afghanistan, still the greatest illicit opium producer in the world, has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001, with more land now being used for opium than for coca cultivation in Latin America. Currently 1kg of opium equals about U.S. $200. This amounts to an export value of about $4 billion, with a quarter being earned by opium farmers and the rest going to district officials, insurgents, warlords, and drug traffickers. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

What’s hot at Firelake?   Controlled and illegal substance disposal.   Where?  The U.S., Canada, South America, and other locations.   What items are customers interested in destroying?   Narcotics, marijuana, imported plants and foods, pills, bottles, and plant growing substances.   What does Firelake offer to meet this demand?   Dozens of models with many options for burner and air flow control, gas or diesel burners, grated and ungrated chambers, refractory lined and stainless unlined stacking.   Sizes range from just a few cubic feet to 77 cubic feet, or equal to a fraction of a cubic meter to over 2 cubic meter loading capacity.   Destruction temperatures can be field set as needed for materials and permits.  We accommodate special requests and design needs.    Value engineered = Firelake Incinerators.

“B”-Model Incinerator, “Broad” Applications

b60.1 b60

What can you do with a Firelake incinerator?   The list grows.   Latest trends are focused on legalized marijuana operations, pet cremation, and contraband disposal.    What kind of incinerator is needed to meet these needs?   One option is the small efficient B model that offers quick preheating and fast aggressive operation if your operation is small.   Having two burners the B model meets the afterburner requirement of many regulatory areas.  Standard 120 volt power and just a few amps consumed equals small electric bills.    Many options are available for controls and burners.  Temperatures can be controlled and managed to meet the load or meet the operating permit.  Continuous monitoring and charting is available.   All Firelake models have heavy exterior steel shells with cast high temperature linings, and stainless stacking cap.   Stainless chamber and control fabrication options are no problem.   Grates and non-grated chambers are options with any model.    If you are looking for a durable yet economical model we have it.   Tip: the incinerator industry may offer low cost incinerators but expect low performance.   Every week we hear requests for trade-in from customers that made the budget squeeze decision a year ago and now need a quality unit.   Start with us and you will have a good incinerator for the future.