Medical Marijuana Cultivation Incinerator

marijuana crop destruction incinerator - Firelake ManufacturingFirelake Manufacturing will be providing a marijuana crop destruction incinerator at a newly permitted cultivation facility in Pennsylvania. A cannabis cultivation farm is no simple undertaking.   Aside from necessary security measures, the construction is being done according to FDA, Building, and NFPA code. The primary marijuana waste burned will be unused bio parts from the plants. Incineration, a popular cannabis destruction method, will be done inside the main incineration burn chamber where high temperature is confined by refractory lined walls that are encased with coated steel sheet.  Controls allow automatic operation after the operator loads the chamber.   A second burn chamber located above the main chamber destroys any materials that exit the lower chamber.   Normal operation is quiet, odor free, and smoke free. If you have similar needs for a medical cannabis operation, Firelake Manufacturing offers cannabis destruction methods that are economical and simple to use.

Firelake has solutions for marijuana crop destruction.

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