Contraband Incinerator Ready for Startup

A contraband disposal site in Georgia is using a Firelake Model P50 contraband incinerator to destroy illegal drug substances. Waste materials will be broken down to fine ash or very brittle unrecognizable remains.  The top loading multiburner incinerator has a large capacity primary chamber and a secondary burn chamber to eliminate chamber smoke.  … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Incinerator

Firelake Manufacturing will be providing a marijuana crop destruction incinerator at a newly permitted cultivation facility in Pennsylvania. A cannabis cultivation farm is no simple undertaking.   Aside from necessary security measures, the construction is being done according to FDA, Building, and NFPA code. The primary marijuana waste burned will … [Read more...]

Group of Contraband Destroying Incinerators Ship Out

Firelake designed and built a group of Model P16 contraband destroying incinerators for a Western US state's drug enforcement department.   As you can see in the pictures, these heavily constructed thermal lined assemblies will be field assembled and operating within hours of arrival.   Meeting the state regulatory needs were accomplished with … [Read more...]

State Testing Incinerator Certification

  Firelake Manufacturing's experienced technical crew built and pretested the Model P50 incinerator, then contracted a third party stack testing agency to officially measure flue gas content in preparation for State Testing Incinerator Certification. Many states require a specific test to be done and the flue gas to meet established requirements. … [Read more...]

Another Drug Disposal Incineration Project

Firelake is building multiple incinerators for a drug disposal project in the US.  These incinerators offer high temperature destruction of wastes, automatic on and off operation, temperature control, ash removal door, loading door, and dual burn chambers.   All chambers are painted steel exterior and castable refractory lined.    Burners are … [Read more...]

Controlled Substance Eliminator

What's hot at Firelake?   Controlled and illegal substance disposal.   Where?  The U.S., Canada, South America, and other locations.   What items are customers interested in destroying?   Narcotics, marijuana, imported plants and foods, pills, bottles, and plant growing substances.   What does Firelake offer to meet this demand?   Dozens of models … [Read more...]

“B”-Model Incinerator, “Broad” Applications

  What can you do with a Firelake incinerator?   The list grows.   Latest trends are focused on legalized marijuana operations, pet cremation, and contraband disposal.    What kind of incinerator is needed to meet these needs?   One option is the small efficient B model that offers quick preheating and fast aggressive operation if your operation … [Read more...]

Firelake Incinerator, Load, Push START, Leave

Yes it is that E-A-S-Y to operate.   Open the balanced load door, place the waste or animals inside, close the load door, latch it, and push START.    Now you have time to go do other tasks while the Firelake incinerator does its work.   The burners fire automatically and stop automatically.   When you return in a few hours, later that day, or the … [Read more...]

Oily Waste and Solid Waste Incinerator

Firelake designed and fabricated two 40 foot tall Model P50 incinerators for a northern client.    Shipping in January 2016 the units are tailored to dispose of oily waste, solids, wood, grease, papers, and other industrial and camp items.   A nominal capacity of 1600 pounds of waste can be loaded in to each.   The incinerators have automatic … [Read more...]

County Animal Control Uses Firelake Cremator

The management at Perry County decided upon a Firelake cremator for their daily cremation and disposal needs.    This unit is seeing its 20th year of use, a confirmation that Firelake designs and builds quality.   Considering a unit for your business?   Do you want Firelake value OR immediate cost savings offered by low quality poorly designed … [Read more...]