General Waste Incinerator for Remote Island

    Firelake Incineration has again been contracted to fabricate a waste disposal incinerator.  Food products and other wastes will be destroyed within general waste incinerator with the large chambered unit using diesel burners and fans.  The incinerator will be shipped from Firelake in April and barged to a remote island shortly after.  A … [Read more...]

Incinerator to Fit your Specific Waste Stream Disposal Needs

1924. Yes, ninety-three years ago IBM was founded and J. Edgar Hoover was placed in charge at the FBI.  Firelake Manufacturing has a history tracing back that far.  What have we done?  Designed, tested, built, sold, and serviced combustion equipment for a significant part of that time.  Many dozens of models and hundreds of features have been … [Read more...]

Creative Savings on Firelake Incinerators

Have you been thinking of starting a cremation business for animals or on-site waste disposal?  The price of buying equipment can make that decision difficult.  Initial cost to get in the business can be softened by using readily available payment options.  This leaves your cash free to use for other supplies and payroll.   Firelake Manufacturing … [Read more...]

Low Cost Pet Cremation, Quick Payoff

Last month, we detailed the cost to operate, and revenue from a P model Firelake pet cremation system.  That pet cremation payoff scenario is economically attractive for mid-sized and larger veterinarian clinics but now we would like to highlight a smaller less cost model commonly used in smaller rural clinics. These smaller Firelake "A" models … [Read more...]

State Testing Incinerator Certification

  Firelake Manufacturing's experienced technical crew built and pretested the Model P50 incinerator, then contracted a third party stack testing agency to officially measure flue gas content in preparation for State Testing Incinerator Certification. Many states require a specific test to be done and the flue gas to meet established requirements. … [Read more...]

Cremators Big and Small

You may have a BIG need for a Firelake Model P60 incinerator.    The P60 is an autoloading design that offers many features to accommodate regulations and operating preferences.   Large in size it often is sized for hospitals, bulk mass disposal, or as a central disposal site for remote clinics.   Designed in modules the P60 offers many burner and … [Read more...]

Data System Eases Cremator Operator Decisions

An improved method was needed to record operation at a Firelake cremator used by AHS (an SPCA in northern New Jersey). The concern was alleviated by fitting the cremator with computer communication technology.    A critical operating requirement for the AHS state operating permit is recording data for each batch loaded.   Accuracy is the priority. … [Read more...]

Drug, Biomass, and Controlled Substance Disposal

Firelake has seen their variety of incinerator models fit most all applications of waste disposal.    The vast array of designs offer low cost solutions with basic controls and higher end solutions with custom controls.    Adapting to customer needs in no concern.    It is the normal requirement in today's changing business environment.     … [Read more...]

Incinerator Permit Process: Where to Start?

If you are exploring the purchase of an incinerator for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information. If circumstances are leading you toward the purchase of an incinerator or crematorium, we want to congratulate you on the positive impact your decision will make on clean ground water supply, our environment, and … [Read more...]