The Cost of Delaying a Pet Cremator Purchase

A common story is heard a few months after a customer has been using a Firelake Cremator. The owner reviews their cash flow and expenses then realize they were losing income every day they did not have the cremator operating at their site. Here is a simple way to show a return on investment for a pet cremator based from a real story.

The Pet Cremator ROI numbers are rounded off for simplicity:  
Cremator price $20,000.
Life of cremator 15 years.
Assume $4000/yr for 5 years to pay it off.
Assume 1 animal cremation per two days, 180/year charging $150 per animal. This grosses $27,000. Assume to process one animal requires 5 hours of fuel and electric, some labor to load/unload, and a an allowance for maintenance all total of $100 per animal. The 180 animals x $100 per animal = $18,000 in operating costs. Add $4000 to pay of cremator that year. $27,000 – $18,000 – $4000 = $5,000 net per year for first five years, then $9,000 net per year for years 6 through 15.

We also ran a similar comparison, with a small cremator that would be used in more of a rural setting.  You can see that pet cremation payoff scenario here.

Want a better cremator return on investment?   Use our animal separation trays and process two animals per load to cut the $18,000 operating cost in half. Now the equation is $27,000 – $9,000 – $4000 = $14,000 net per year for first five years, then $18,000 per year for years 6 through 15. Are you willing to postpone that decision longer? Look at our well made safe to operate models. Don’t be tempted by low priced safety compromised substitutes. Not all cremation systems are the same. Tell us your situation, we can do some math with you. Your numbers may be more profitable.  Firelake has been making cremation models for decades, have you started making a profit with one? The cost of delaying a Pet Cremator purchase is more expensive then you think!

Interested in learning more about pet cremation and payoffs? Firelake Manufacturing can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started.  Call us today at 800-820-3391or contact us here.