Contraband Incinerator Ready for Startup

Contraband Incinerator - Firelake Manufacturing Contraband Incinerator - Firelake Manufacturing A contraband disposal site in Georgia is using a Firelake Model P50 contraband incinerator to destroy illegal drug substances. Waste materials will be broken down to fine ash or very brittle unrecognizable remains.  The top loading multiburner incinerator has a large capacity primary chamber and a secondary burn chamber to eliminate chamber smoke.  Temperature control of the lower burners is done by monitoring the stack gas.   The P50 has a heavy steel case lined with 4 inches of cast refractory.   High temperature paint covers all external surfaces.  Stainless perforated sheet is used to cap the stack exit. This contraband incinerator will provide many years of service for the patrol officers.

Looking for a Contraband Incinerator? Firelake has the Solution

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