Contraband Incinerator Ready for Startup

A contraband disposal site in Georgia is using a Firelake Model P50 contraband incinerator to destroy illegal drug substances. Waste materials will be broken down to fine ash or very brittle unrecognizable remains.  The top loading multiburner incinerator has a large capacity primary chamber and a secondary burn chamber to eliminate chamber smoke.  … [Read more...]

Incinerator to Fit your Specific Waste Stream Disposal Needs

1924. Yes, ninety-three years ago IBM was founded and J. Edgar Hoover was placed in charge at the FBI.  Firelake Manufacturing has a history tracing back that far.  What have we done?  Designed, tested, built, sold, and serviced combustion equipment for a significant part of that time.  Many dozens of models and hundreds of features have been … [Read more...]

Pet Cremator Durability, Another Firelake Unit

  Is 20 or more years of cremation service of interest to your investment?   Firelake designs and builds many models that have lasted many years in the field.   Shown is a tenured P25 unit operating in the western U.S.   The model is gas fired, top loading, and has a swing out lower ash door.   The control panel stands to the left side of the main … [Read more...]

Incinerators That Last

Over twenty years ago a cremator was installed in southern Pennsylvania.   Experience in cremator design is measured in decades at Firelake.   There are many locations where our A, C, and P Series incinerators are working many years after commissioning.   Small units and large units, propane, natural gas, and diesel burners.    Medical waste, … [Read more...]

How Do You Process Cremation Remains to Fine Ash?

The way remains gets processed varies greatly.   Some operators simply return the remains of ash and bone as it exists after the cremation.    This is an irregular mix of shapes, colors, and sizes.     Other operators reduce and mix the remains to a more consistent uniformity.   How is that done?    Iron mallets and metal pails, rollers, and heavy … [Read more...]

County Animal Control Uses Firelake Cremator

The management at Perry County decided upon a Firelake cremator for their daily cremation and disposal needs.    This unit is seeing its 20th year of use, a confirmation that Firelake designs and builds quality.   Considering a unit for your business?   Do you want Firelake value OR immediate cost savings offered by low quality poorly designed … [Read more...]

Avian Influenza (aka AI) breaks out in UK

Already present in North America, the United Kingdom is to take much more decisive action against avian influenza outbreaks.  Tests on the affected farm in the UK revealed that the AI involved was the same H5N8 strain involved in out-breaks in Germany and the Netherlands.   Containing the problem is accomplished by on the farm incineration.   … [Read more...]

New Animal Cremation Unit Meets NY Regulations

A new Model P16-SC30 cremation unit was installed last week south of Albany, New York. This model meets the newest NY Air Regulations. With a crane, a P16 can be installed in 1/2 a day and test fired within hours. The client (Valley Animal Hospital) will use this system to benefit pet owners in the surrounding area; animal cremation. Features of … [Read more...]