General Waste Incinerator for Remote Island

General Waste Incinerator - Firelake Manufacturing   General Waste Incinerator - Firelake Manufacturing

Firelake Incineration has again been contracted to fabricate a waste disposal incinerator.  Food products and other wastes will be destroyed within general waste incinerator with the large chambered unit using diesel burners and fans.  The incinerator will be shipped from Firelake in April and barged to a remote island shortly after.  A large secondary chamber will be reducing the flue gas stream coming from the main burn chamber.   Controls on the incinerator are simple yet effective.  Two thermocouples are mounted in the chambers to monitor heat and control burners and fans.   Heavy construction with sheet steel and cast refractory assures containment.   Ash removal is from the side or top.   Ease of assembly is common among Firelake products.  Most customers can assemble the general waste incinerator in the morning and fire the first waste load in the afternoon. Firelake Manufacturing has many options for incinerators, whether they are for general waste incinerators, large animal incinerators, cannabis waste incinerators, or more. We invite you to tell us about your incineration needs to see if we can find the ideal solution.  The best performance at the best price is our goal.

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