General Waste Incinerator for Remote Island

    Firelake Incineration has again been contracted to fabricate a waste disposal incinerator.  Food products and other wastes will be destroyed within general waste incinerator with the large chambered unit using diesel burners and fans.  The incinerator will be shipped from Firelake in April and barged to a remote island shortly after.  A … [Read more...]

We have Incineration Cremation Dedication

Do you take spending money seriously?   At Firelake Manufacturing, we take incineration and cremation so serious it is the core of our business. Everyday is focused on incinerating and cremating. Read more about out Incineration Cremation Dedication: We have roots in the business dating back over 40 years. Our standard product line … [Read more...]

Oily Waste and Solid Waste Incinerator

Firelake designed and fabricated two 40 foot tall Model P50 incinerators for a northern client.    Shipping in January 2016 the units are tailored to dispose of oily waste, solids, wood, grease, papers, and other industrial and camp items.   A nominal capacity of 1600 pounds of waste can be loaded in to each.   The incinerators have automatic … [Read more...]

Incinerator, Cremator, Thermal Oxidizer?

What is the difference?   Which one meets your need?   The meanings are about the same.   Often culture or the situation dictates that one term may be more accepted or recognized than the other terms.    Incinerators are often thought of as devices that destroy waste materials and convert them into a disposable ash.   Cremators are often thought of … [Read more...]

New Incinerator A400X for Camp or Poultry Farm

Firelake Manufacturing is now offering a new, hybrid incinerator initially designed around specific needs and requests of our customers. The first A400X incinerators were shipped to mining, fishing and gaming camps in remote Canada. Since the first incinerators left the production floor, this poultry incinerator has been in high demand. Poultry … [Read more...]