Contraband Incineration

Illegal drug traffic is a growing problem in the US and abroad. Firelake has models in use that render the contraband to ashes as shown in the photos from a recent install.   Automatically controlled burners attack the waste from multiple sides.  Secondary burn chambers are available in many sizes.  Operation is simple, preheat, load, press START.  A few hours later the materials were broken down into ashes.

General Waste Incinerator for Remote Island


Firelake Incineration has again been contracted to fabricate a waste disposal incinerator.  Food products and other wastes will be destroyed within the large chambered unit using diesel burners and fans.  The incinerator will be shipped from Firelake in April and barged to a remote island shortly after.  A large secondary chamber will be reducing the flue gas stream coming from the main burn chamber.   Controls on the incinerator are simple yet effective.  Two thermocouples are mounted in the chambers to monitor heat and control burners and fans.   Heavy construction with sheet steel and cast refractory assures containment.   Ash removal is from the side or top.   Ease of assembly is common among Firelake products.  Most customers can assemble the incinerator in the morning and fire the first waste load in the afternoon.   Firelake has many options for incinerators.  As a potential customer we invite you to ask us about your application.  The best performance at the best price is our goal.

Group of Contraband Destroying Units Ship Out

Firelake designed and built a group of Model P16 contraband destroying incinerators for a Western US state’s drug enforcement department.   Seen in the pictures these heavily constructed thermal lined assemblies will be field assembled and operating within hours of arrival.   Meeting the state regulatory needs were accomplished with standard Firelake designs and controls.  Operation is simple.  Load, and the burn is started with a press of a button.  The process ends automatically and stops the burners.    Burner flame is monitored and controlled.   Heat rises and surrounds the waste materials.   Ash removal is done by side access door or from above.  The P16 has high temperature rated cast lining all the way from burn chamber to stack exit.   A stainless steel cap and screen rest at the top of the stack.   In the stack section is a Secondary Burn chamber that destroys any unburned materials leaving the lower chamber.   Stack data is available for most Firelake models.

Quality Incineration is Affordable, Not Cheap

Firelake chamber This is Firelake design, contained heat and flame.

 open flame open flame burner These are not a Firelake design.  Firelake does not want to expose operators to flame and heat.  . Looking for a product to reduce volume of waste, destroy it for bio-security, or protect proprietary information?   The process to see if a Firelake incinerator is practical for your needs is very simple.  Answer a few questions:  Do you intend to have a good working incinerator beyond a few years service?  Is a safe incinerator desired?  Is it important to have technical phone service available when there is a problem?  Do you wish to comply with local rules and obtain a permit to avoid fines?     If you answered yes then look at a Firelake incinerator and talk to a Firelake dealer about your application.   Firelake has learned after many decades of experience to make equipment that works and is safe for operators.   Firelake makes models that are lined with refractory to keep internal heat away from exterior surfaces and extend the life of your investment.   Standard components on Firelake are modern commercial burners and fans that are designed for rugged use.   Incinerators of Firelake design are contained burn models.   Firelake models are not powered by placing wood or other trash inside the chamber to light on fire to start the burn process.   Firelake burners have safety agency approved burners and controls with power fans to create an aggressive flame against the waste load.   These burners will start and stop automatically after the operator presses the start button.    Compare Firelake to other brands and see the advantage you get for your money.

Trays Allow Economic Private Pet Cremation


Firelake cremation trays allow fuel savings while maintaining integrity of separated remains.   The blue bags in the photo hold individual animals, and depending on size as many as six or more trays can be stacked in one batch.   When the animals are consumed the trays settle down on each other and contain the separated ash.    Significant fuel is saved compared to lone cremations and time is greatly reduced to return the animals remains to the owners.    Firelake fabricates trays of various size and materials.   Technicians can easily learn how to arrange trays for optimal processing time.     Each tray can be removed individually and the ashes transferred in to labeled containers.

Incinerators That Last

P1440638Over twenty years ago a cremator was installed in southern Pennsylvania.   Experience in cremator design is measured in decades at Firelake.   There are many locations where our A, C, and P Series incinerators are working many years after commissioning.   Small units and large units, propane, natural gas, and diesel burners.    Medical waste, animal cremators, drug disposal, biomass destruction, fish research, smelting, metals and minerals concentration.    Firelake originated many incineration designs and pratices dating back over 30 years.   Rather than work with a novice or low budget vendor ask us what best fits your need.   Consider that your choice will be a long term investment.

Cremators Big and Small

P1440634P1440633You may have a BIG need for a Firelake Model P60 incinerator.    The P60 is an autoloading design that offers many features to accommodate regulations and operating preferences.   Large in size it often is sized for hospitals, bulk mass disposal, or as a central disposal site for remote clinics.   Designed in modules the P60 offers many burner and control options yet simply operated by an ON/OFF button.      Too BIG?   Review the SMALL  Firelake A and C Series incinerators starting at only 6 cubic feet capacity.

Red Bags to Ashes

P1440632What does Firelake do with red bag waste?    The results are typical for the before and after photos.  All Firelake cremators and incinerators routinely produce these results.    After your wastes have been exposed to temperatures of 2000F (1100C) the remains are gray and white ash along mixed with charred metal fragments and melted glass.   The volume is reduced to a fraction of the original waste.  Clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities can benefit from Firelake’s 30 years of experience.   Contact Firelake to discuss your waste disposal needs.

Data System Eases Cremator Operator Decisions

Cav Mtn Empire 010An improved method was needed to record operation at a Firelake cremator used by AHS (an SPCA in northern New Jersey). The concern was alleviated by fitting the cremator with computer communication technology.    A critical operating requirement for the AHS state operating permit is recording data for each batch loaded.   Accuracy is the priority.  Permit violations can lead to fines.   Manual recording was not historically accurate and consistent.   AHS worked with Firelake equipment dealer Robert Winterbottom Inc. to design and install an automatic sensing and recording system.   The system was pretested and then installed at AHS.   Now with many weeks of use the system has performed to satisfaction.   Weights, dates, times, temperatures are recorded for future review.   The system saves time, and the worry of accuracy meeting their permit.      Contact Firelake for details.   The data system can be adapted to any model or application of cremator.

Firelake Model 600X Incinerator to Medical Marijuana Site

xmodelA Model 600X incinerator is being packaged for shipment at Firelake’s Dassel, Minnesota fabrication plant.   The A600X is to be used at a medical marijuana production site in Canada.   The features that make this X series of incinerators popular are temperature control and fuel management during the operation of the burn cycle.    The X models are a hybrid design adapted from Firelake’s Pro series used for medical waste and animal control facilities.     The internal linings are heavy grade high resistant refractories to resist temperature and wear.    The X models have been used for many years and offer a budget minded opportunity to render materials inert and reduce volume of waste to about 5% of volume loaded.