Incinerator to Fit your Specific Waste Stream Disposal Needs

History of Incinerators and Cremators - Firelake Manufacturing1924. Yes, ninety-three years ago IBM was founded and J. Edgar Hoover was placed in charge at the FBI.  Firelake Manufacturing has a history tracing back that far.  What have we done?  Designed, tested, built, sold, and serviced combustion equipment for a significant part of that time.  Many dozens of models and hundreds of features have been introduced to the world.  Incinerators and cremators fit the agricultural market, medical market, waste disposal market, laboratories, factories, airports, ships, oil fields, and more.   We have customers in biotechnology using them for dryers.  Cremators are incinerators and inversely.  We have many sizes for most applications in the small and mid-sized market. Firelake Manufacturing offers burners that use propane, natural gas, and diesel. Firelake Manufacturing has a specific incinerator to fit your waste stream disposal needs.

At Firelake we have designed specific purpose models to meet the characteristics of different waste streams.

Firelake Manufacturing offers A, C, P, and X models to match your waste or animal types. Some of our competition started in the farm disposal business to dispose of poultry and decided to market those designs as medical waste and veterinary incinerators.   The performance of the incinerators when not designed for the waste at hand do not work as well, plain and simple.  Emissions, heat release, and operating ease are some of the areas where other incinerator manufacturers fall short. Firelake Manufacturing offers no-charge assistance for customers completing permits for local air agencies. We also offer custom designs of incinerators often at no extra charge.  The incinerators and cremators we offer will create revenue to your business.

Are you interested in learning more about Firelake Manufacturing’s incinerators for your market and needs? Learn more about our full product line here. Firelake Manufacturing can answer your questions, help you locate a local dealer, and get you started. Contact us with your waste stream disposal needs and we will suggest a model to match your need.   If the situation does not justify selling you our equipment we will tell you. Call us today at 800-820-3391 or contact us here.