Incinerator to Fit your Specific Waste Stream Disposal Needs

1924. Yes, ninety-three years ago IBM was founded and J. Edgar Hoover was placed in charge at the FBI.  Firelake Manufacturing has a history tracing back that far.  What have we done?  Designed, tested, built, sold, and serviced combustion equipment for a significant part of that time.  Many dozens of models and hundreds of features have been … [Read more...]

Data System Eases Cremator Operator Decisions

An improved method was needed to record operation at a Firelake cremator used by AHS (an SPCA in northern New Jersey). The concern was alleviated by fitting the cremator with computer communication technology.    A critical operating requirement for the AHS state operating permit is recording data for each batch loaded.   Accuracy is the priority. … [Read more...]

New Animal Cremation Unit Meets NY Regulations

A new Model P16-SC30 cremation unit was installed last week south of Albany, New York. This model meets the newest NY Air Regulations. With a crane, a P16 can be installed in 1/2 a day and test fired within hours. The client (Valley Animal Hospital) will use this system to benefit pet owners in the surrounding area; animal cremation. Features of … [Read more...]