Contraband Incineration

Illegal drug traffic is a growing problem in the US and abroad. Firelake has models in use that render the contraband to ashes as shown in the photos from a recent install.   Automatically controlled burners attack the waste from multiple sides.  Secondary burn chambers are available in many sizes.  Operation is simple, preheat, load, press START.  A few hours later the materials were broken down into ashes.

Group of Contraband Destroying Units Ship Out

Firelake designed and built a group of Model P16 contraband destroying incinerators for a Western US state’s drug enforcement department.   Seen in the pictures these heavily constructed thermal lined assemblies will be field assembled and operating within hours of arrival.   Meeting the state regulatory needs were accomplished with standard Firelake designs and controls.  Operation is simple.  Load, and the burn is started with a press of a button.  The process ends automatically and stops the burners.    Burner flame is monitored and controlled.   Heat rises and surrounds the waste materials.   Ash removal is done by side access door or from above.  The P16 has high temperature rated cast lining all the way from burn chamber to stack exit.   A stainless steel cap and screen rest at the top of the stack.   In the stack section is a Secondary Burn chamber that destroys any unburned materials leaving the lower chamber.   Stack data is available for most Firelake models.

Another Drug Disposal Incineration Project

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Firelake is building multiple incinerators for a drug disposal project in the US.  These incinerators offer high temperature destruction of wastes, automatic on and off operation, temperature control, ash removal door, loading door, and dual burn chambers.   All chambers are painted steel exterior and castable refractory lined.    Burners are simple design and require minimal maintenance.    Service parts are reasonably priced and available for all components.   Assembly of incinerators can be done by local contractors and Firelake is available if requested to assist and train personnel.

Controlled Substance Eliminator


FAYZABAD, AFGHANISTAN - MAY 31: Local poppy farmers harvest the opium sap from the bulb of the plant during a ten-day harvesting period May 31, 2011 in Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the cultivation of poppies in the Badakhshan region has more than doubled this season. Opium production in Afghanistan, still the greatest illicit opium producer in the world, has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001, with more land now being used for opium than for coca cultivation in Latin America. Currently 1kg of opium equals about U.S. $200. This amounts to an export value of about $4 billion, with a quarter being earned by opium farmers and the rest going to district officials, insurgents, warlords, and drug traffickers. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

What’s hot at Firelake?   Controlled and illegal substance disposal.   Where?  The U.S., Canada, South America, and other locations.   What items are customers interested in destroying?   Narcotics, marijuana, imported plants and foods, pills, bottles, and plant growing substances.   What does Firelake offer to meet this demand?   Dozens of models with many options for burner and air flow control, gas or diesel burners, grated and ungrated chambers, refractory lined and stainless unlined stacking.   Sizes range from just a few cubic feet to 77 cubic feet, or equal to a fraction of a cubic meter to over 2 cubic meter loading capacity.   Destruction temperatures can be field set as needed for materials and permits.  We accommodate special requests and design needs.    Value engineered = Firelake Incinerators.

“B”-Model Incinerator, “Broad” Applications

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What can you do with a Firelake incinerator?   The list grows.   Latest trends are focused on legalized marijuana operations, pet cremation, and contraband disposal.    What kind of incinerator is needed to meet these needs?   One option is the small efficient B model that offers quick preheating and fast aggressive operation if your operation is small.   Having two burners the B model meets the afterburner requirement of many regulatory areas.  Standard 120 volt power and just a few amps consumed equals small electric bills.    Many options are available for controls and burners.  Temperatures can be controlled and managed to meet the load or meet the operating permit.  Continuous monitoring and charting is available.   All Firelake models have heavy exterior steel shells with cast high temperature linings, and stainless stacking cap.   Stainless chamber and control fabrication options are no problem.   Grates and non-grated chambers are options with any model.    If you are looking for a durable yet economical model we have it.   Tip: the incinerator industry may offer low cost incinerators but expect low performance.   Every week we hear requests for trade-in from customers that made the budget squeeze decision a year ago and now need a quality unit.   Start with us and you will have a good incinerator for the future.

Red Bags to Ashes

P1440632What does Firelake do with red bag waste?    The results are typical for the before and after photos.  All Firelake cremators and incinerators routinely produce these results.    After your wastes have been exposed to temperatures of 2000F (1100C) the remains are gray and white ash along mixed with charred metal fragments and melted glass.   The volume is reduced to a fraction of the original waste.  Clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities can benefit from Firelake’s 30 years of experience.   Contact Firelake to discuss your waste disposal needs.

Incinerator, Cremator, Thermal Oxidizer?

What is the difference?   Which one meets your need?   The meanings are about the same.   Often culture or the situation dictates that one term may be more accepted or recognized than the other terms.    Incinerators are often thought of as devices that destroy waste materials and convert them into a disposable ash.   Cremators are often thought of as devices that reduce materials into an ash that is returned to the owner.   A thermal oxidizer is simply a process that using heat or flame imparts a change on what it contacts.    You get the idea, the functional differences are slight to none.    The perception may be the greater difference.    The word “Incinerator” may have a harsher appearance than a “Cremator”.   “Thermal Oxidizer” may sound like an industrial machine or process.      The important information is knowing what material you have, how much volume or mass will be incinerated per given time frame, and are there local codes affecting the process.     The answers are easy if you contact Firelake, we talk to people daily about their needs.    Firelake has a wide variety of equipment with many options to meet the toughest demands.    The people at Firelake have been in the business for 30 years and designed Shenandoah and Firelake equipment as well as other brands that show up across the world.   Brown, black, charcoal in color and other shades.   Combine that with Firelake design counter balanced hinged doors, flanged assembly points, stainless stacks and spark arrestor, internal cast lining, and square appearance are visuals that say its a Firelake.     If it looks like a Firelake design it probably is.    Contact Firelake, go direct to the design and fabrication source.

Drug, Biomass, and Controlled Substance Disposal

Firelake has seen their variety of incinerator models fit most all applications of waste disposal.    The vast array of designs offer low cost solutions with basic controls and higher end solutions with custom controls.    Adapting to customer needs in no concern.    It is the normal requirement in today’s changing business environment.     Firelake uses many grades of heat resistant internal linings to meet the most demanding temperature requirements.   Some linings are abrasion and chemical resistant to offer longer service.     An endless line of control options range from simple temperature controls with minor fluctuation in set temperature to tailored control options to manage the burn process within a few % of set point.    Mobile incineration units are available and self-contained units with fuel, power, and other necessities on-board.    Contraband disposal is done with hearth based models, and with grated models using removable trays to contain waste materials.    LP gas, natural gas, diesel fuel, jet fuel, no problem with using in Firelake burners.    Fuel saving options are available along with many temperature and retention time designs.    We help you understand what you need before you buy.    As us to assist in filing permit applications at no charge.    Call today to see what is available to meet your need.

Contraband Disposal

Firelake has been working with many agencies and locations to dispose of collected goods for airports, highway patrol facilities, and border locations.  The Firelake design has been used for over 30 years.   Stack performance has tested well under the allowed release of particulate, CO, and other measured components of flue gas.   Options are available for diesel, NG, and LP fired burners.   Digital controls monitor the burners and allow field adjusting to meet site conditions.   Displays and recording devices are optional to save cost.     Many chamber sizes are available.    Custom designs are welcomed.    Models are available in 220/240 volt for export.