Contraband Incineration

Illegal drug traffic is a growing problem in the US and abroad. Firelake Manufacturing has incinerators for contraband in use that render the marijuana, pills, or other illegal drugs to ashes as shown in the photos from a recent install.  Automatically controlled burners attack the waste from multiple sides.  Secondary burn chambers are available … [Read more...]

Group of Contraband Destroying Incinerators Ship Out

Firelake designed and built a group of Model P16 contraband destroying incinerators for a Western US state's drug enforcement department.   As you can see in the pictures, these heavily constructed thermal lined assemblies will be field assembled and operating within hours of arrival.   Meeting the state regulatory needs were accomplished with … [Read more...]

Another Drug Disposal Incineration Project

Firelake Manufacturing is building multiple incinerators for a drug disposal project in the US. Incineration is an effective method to destroy illegal drugs after they are confiscated. These incinerators offer high-temperature destruction of wastes, automatic on and off operation, temperature control, ash removal door, loading door, and dual burn … [Read more...]

Controlled Substance Eliminator

What's hot at Firelake Manufacturing?   Controlled and illegal substance disposal. Where is controlled and illegal substance disposal being used?   Controlled substance incinerators are being used in the U.S., Canada, South America, and other locations. What controlled and illegal substances are customers interested in destroying with … [Read more...]

“B”-Model Incinerator, “Broad” Applications

  What can you do with a Firelake incinerator?   The list grows.   Latest trends are focused on legalized marijuana operations, pet cremation, and contraband disposal.    What kind of incinerator is needed to meet these needs?   One option is the small efficient B model that offers quick preheating and fast aggressive operation if your operation … [Read more...]

Red Bags to Ashes

What does Firelake do with red bag waste?    The results are typical for the before and after photos.  All Firelake cremators and incinerators routinely produce these results.    After your wastes have been exposed to temperatures of 2000F (1100C) the remains are gray and white ash along mixed with charred metal fragments and melted glass.   The … [Read more...]

Incinerator, Cremator, Thermal Oxidizer?

What is the difference?   Which one meets your need?   The meanings are about the same.   Often culture or the situation dictates that one term may be more accepted or recognized than the other terms.    Incinerators are often thought of as devices that destroy waste materials and convert them into a disposable ash.   Cremators are often thought of … [Read more...]

Drug, Biomass, and Controlled Substance Disposal

Firelake has seen their variety of incinerator models fit most all applications of waste disposal.    The vast array of designs offer low cost solutions with basic controls and higher end solutions with custom controls.    Adapting to customer needs in no concern.    It is the normal requirement in today's changing business environment.     … [Read more...]

Contraband Disposal

Firelake has been working with many agencies and locations to dispose of collected goods for airports, highway patrol facilities, and border locations.  The Firelake design has been used for over 30 years.   Stack performance has tested well under the allowed release of particulate, CO, and other measured components of flue gas.   Options are … [Read more...]